My eTail app in brief

In this fast pace world, all we seek for is final output and success. No one cares to know how the whole system works or how it is contributing to society. All that matters is success story and a brand name. Efficiency and honesty towards your customer and living up to their expectation is all that matters. Software like My eTail App, aims at providing quality service with efficiency and utmost work output to its clients. My eTail App has been designed with cohesive administrative, CRM and financial strategies for increasing and maximizing profitability of our valued client enterprises.

Super Market

My eTail App provides superior and latest retail POS Software applications to the Super Market environment. We look ahead of basic store needs and attempt to make.....


To meet the increasing demand of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) businesses, we have initiated tailored software that caters to the need of the businesses involved in selling fast .

Food & Groceries

Perishable and unpreserved goods along with high volume sales is an odd combination to maintain and it requires a different set of services and software to meet the demands.

Why choose My eTail App?

My eTail App keeps record of every sale and tracks every transaction. It calculates total sales, including tax, and shows the total change due. It keeps a check on inventory and informs how many times a product has been sold. My eTail App is user friendly and does not require high training to access the software; it helps in performing your desired operations with very less time and meet the accuracy with detailed analysis. With all the user friendly and time saving features, we can assure that My eTail App is the easiest and most affordable POS software available in the current market.